Will the LA Rams claim recently relinquished center Drake Jackson?


The LA Rams attempted to claim an offensive center from the NFL waiver thread to no avail earlier this season. The player at the time was Lamont Gaillard who was sidelined by the Arizona Cardinals, and he was a popular player as several teams claimed him. He was ultimately claimed by the Cincinnati Bengals, a team with a higher priority than the LA Rams.

Now another team has given up an attacking cross. It will likely be of interest to the other 31 NFL teams as well. This time the team was the Detriot Lions. This time around, the player was a surprisingly impressive undrafted free agent rookie Drake Jackson, a player who has recently created a lot of positive buzz.

Jackson was the top-rated undrafted center in the 2021 NFL Draft, and he has generated many positive reports about his game so far with the Detroit Lions. Some believe he is on an NFL roster, and he might still be so lucky. The Lions are pretty well placed as an offensive center, having just accepted a multi-year contract to retain Frank Ragnow. The Lions have also just fired replacement Evan Brown from the active roster.

At one point, the Detroit Free Press thought Drake Jackson had a good chance of making the list. Not just the training team, the roster of 53 players. Wow. While Jackson did have a lot of positive press, it just boils down to a numbers game. The Lions are thick in position, so Jackson was substitute.

The rams of LA? Not so much in an offensive central position. And they’re having forays with Lions general manager Brad Holmes, so the front office would likely have a big chance of getting the skinny on outgoing Jackson. Right now, the LA Rams need more prospects to grow. Even though the organization is warm and hazy about the depth of the 2021 NFL season, the roster takes a huge hit as up to six offensive linemen march towards sunset in 2022. Drake Jackson could be one huge part of the solution for next season if acquired now.

Will the Rams pull the trigger? They could. Of course, we’ve seen before that the Rams can try to claim a player and still lose. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: If the Rams successfully add Drake Jackson, he’ll be the fourth Jackson on the list. The Rams already have AJ Jackson, DeSean Jackson and Trishton Jackson. Drake would be number four.

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