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WCC Board of Directors to discuss zoning after no action is taken on the exemption

A bill from the State House of Representatives that would have allowed smaller school districts to benefit from a zoning exemption was introduced during the recent special session of the Arkansas Legislature, according to the White County Central School District Superintendent Dean Stanley and allegedly allowed districts like his to be waived. .

However, Stanley said no action was taken on the bill during the session, and the White County Central School Board is expected to discuss board reorganization due to the number of minorities in the census. 2020 American at Thursday’s 5 p.m. meeting.

“There is a bill that has been introduced, this particular bill, let’s say if you have 8,000 people or less in your district, you would have a waiver and an exemption from having to zone” the positions of the council, a Stanley said, adding that if the bill had passed, White County Central would not have had to worry about zoning.

He said at the October board meeting that he wanted to see “how it works” but said if it didn’t, “then we would have two options. First, we would have five zones with board members or we would have five board members and two board members in general. “

The district currently has five board positions. State law requires that school boards with a 10 percent minority population must be zoned. The minority population of the WCC is 12 percent.

Other school districts in the county with minority populations above the 10 percent threshold are Searcy (20.1 percent), Riverview (19.3 percent), Beebe (14.1 percent) and Bald Knob ( 10.9 percent). Beebe’s school board decided in September to divide its board positions into five zones. Beebe’s superintendent told the board that for the five zones, “the zones must be equitable, which means there can be no more than 5% variance in the population.”

At Wednesday’s Searcy School Board meeting, Superintendent Dr Bobby Hart said the school district had not changed its zoning. “After consulting with our legal advisor, our district has determined that no significant change in the voting age population has occurred and the Searcy School District considers it to be in accordance” with state law and to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, ”Hart said.

Stanley said if a council decides to increase or decrease its number, the district must petition the Arkansas Board of Education at least 90 days before an election and explain why the district needs more or fewer board members.

This year’s school board election for White County Central ends Tuesday. The incumbent Larry Stevens faces the challenger Brandon Martin. Early voting will end at 4 p.m. Monday at the White County Clerk’s Office. Election day voting will take place in the White County Central Auditorium from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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