Vehicle scrapping fee waiver in effect until August 2


LIHU’E – Residents can continue to waive junk car disposal fees if the proper documents are presented to the Motor Vehicle Registration Division of the Ministry of Finance.

However, as of Monday August 2, a fee of $ 60 (plus taxes) will be required to dispose of vehicles using a waiver, discharge and compensation form. Other fees may apply.

“To make an appointment to dispose of your vehicle, please visit Meeting slots are available to complement this service, ”Finance Director Reiko Matsuyama said in a statement. “This is a free service provided you can show proof of ownership. We do not collect any back taxes for anyone who scrapped a vehicle.

A resident bringing their completed waste affidavit to Puhi Metals Recycling will not be charged for disposal. Disposal of the vehicle at Puhi Metals does not include towing or transporting the vehicle. Residents must work with a licensed and licensed towing operator to transport their vehicle to Puhi Metals.

Businesses are not eligible for free vehicle disposal.

“The county created the waiver system for unusual circumstances such as illegal dumping on private property or the death of a family member where title and other vehicle documents were difficult to obtain,” Keola said. Aki, coordinator of the county recycling programs.

The waiver fee covers the administrative costs to properly track and archive vehicle information.

More information is available at For any questions or concerns, email [email protected] or call 808-241-4841.

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