Uber, DoorDash Settle Arizona Case Over Delivery Charges For Black-Owned Businesses


Arizona’s AG says delivery companies cannot waive charges for black-owned restaurants.

Angela Lang / CNET

In Arizona, companies like Uber, DoorDash, and Postmates will no longer be able to waive delivery costs for restaurants owned by blacks. The Arizona attorney general’s office is settling with the companies after its civil rights division filed charges that waiving those fees discriminated against non-black restaurants.

“Even with the best of intentions, companies can do the wrong thing. It is illegal to change the price of goods or services based on race,” Attorney General Mark Brnovich said Wednesday.

In a statement, DoorDash denied any wrongdoing, noting that last year’s economic crisis has disproportionately affected communities of color.

“We all have an obligation to uplift and support underrepresented communities, and we look forward to continuing to do so in Arizona and beyond,” a spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for Uber also said in the statement, “We are proud to have supported black-owned businesses and will continue to make this a priority. We have heard loud and clear from consumers that the ability to easily identifying black-owned restaurants on Uber Eats is a feature they want and love. ” Uber also owns Postmates.

These initiatives were born last summer in the wake of the protests against the murder of George Floyd. In July, Uber said it wanted to become “actively anti-racist“and describes efforts to help support black-owned small businesses through promotions, including the removal of shipping fees through 2020.

DoorDash too exhibited his efforts in July, noting the hurdles black-owned businesses face in securing funding and committing to taking action such as highlighting black-owned restaurants, waiving commissions for 30 days when registering for the ‘application and waive fees until the end of the year.

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