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WASHINGTON: The US Senate bill, which seeks to assess Pakistan’s role in the war in Afghanistan and suggests sanctions, also includes a provision that allows President Joseph Biden to lift restrictions.

Under this provision, the US President “may waive the application of sanctions under this Title against a foreign person if the President, no later than 10 days before the waiver takes effect, determines and certify to the appropriate committee of Congress that such waiver is in the vital interest of the national security of the United States ”.

The president, however, “must submit with the certification a detailed justification explaining the reasons for the waiver.”

On September 27, twenty-two Republican senators introduced a bill in the US Senate to assess Pakistan’s alleged role in Afghanistan before and after the fall of Kabul and in the Taliban offensive in the Panjshir Valley.

Democrats want to retain option to continue talks with Pakistan on future Afghan strategy

The bill addresses outstanding issues related to the “hasty and disastrous United States withdrawal from Afghanistan,” blaming President Biden. In doing so, he ignores the US-Taliban agreement negotiated and signed by the Biden administration.

Democrats, who have a majority in both houses of Congress, have so far stayed on the sidelines. They see it as aiming to score political points against President Biden.

Diplomatic sources in Washington say the Biden administration believes the bill, if it becomes law, may reduce the space for future talks with Pakistan.

According to these sources, Democrats also want to probe the sudden fall of Kabul and the claim that Pakistan aided it by providing so-called sanctuaries for militants. But they also want to keep the possibility of continuing discussions with Pakistan on a future Afghan strategy.

Pakistan rejects the claim that its involvement is unfounded and urges the United States to focus instead on the informal collapse of the Afghan army and government.

Posted in Dawn, le 3 October 2021

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