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The 2021 fantasy football season is here, and yes there are waiver wire mics already to be added in many leagues. Have you lost Cam Akers or JK Dobbins? Do you ever need a streaming quarterback option? Are you looking for a good 1 week DST? They are all here.


Players must be less than 60% registered on Yahoo.

Listed in order of preference

Yes, I intentionally do not include the amounts or percentages FOB… WHY?

It’s always relative, as if you lost your RB1 to injury and there is a clear save, you are going to be more aggressive

Aggressiveness also varies by league, and furthermore, if I say 60% or $ 40, it’s also relative as the percentage can be very different depending on how much FOB budget you have left, and dollars could represent too much of your budget to leave enough leeway the rest of the way.

QB and TE streaming are grouped together – their rating may change slightly once the showings / ratings are performed.

“I Tryed to Tell Ya” are players mentioned multiple times, with not much to add, and ranked ahead of everyone else, unless otherwise noted (injury related, etc.)

CONCERN REPORT More DUCKS (1-5 🦆) = More worry (woo-hoo!)


Daniel Jones, NYG 🦆🦆🦆🦆 – Jones’ offensive line is doing him a disservice, but Saquon Barkley’s condition,

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