Starting and Junior Cert fees waived by Minister of Education

THE FEES FOR the 2022 Leaving and Junior Cert exams have been waived.

The announcement was made by Education Minister Norma Foley this afternoon, with fees also being scrapped for exams in 2021.

The waiver means that a fee of €116 for Leaving Cert exams and €109 for Junior Cert exams will not have to be paid by students.

Plans for the traditional Leaving Cert exams were only announced on Tuesday, with Foley also confirming the return of the Junior Cert exams, after it was canceled in 2020 and 2021.

“We sought to provide clarity and certainty to students this week by confirming arrangements for the 2022 exams and I am pleased to confirm today that fees for this year’s state exams are waived,” Foley said. after the announcement.

The full list of Leaving Cert changes are not expected to be released until next week, with some changes, such as an additional choice on Maths Paper 2, being confirmed by the minister.

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The exam schedules will also be published in the coming days and can be viewed at

The Department for Education said schools will be supported and “given clear guidance” on how to take exams this year, and will be guided by public health advice.

An alternative set of exams is also scheduled shortly after the main set of exams, for students who are deprived of a close family member or who contract Covid-19 during the exam period.

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