South Londonderry board approve waivers for Holiday Inn Express on 322

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South Londonderry Township supervisors discussed business including plans for a Holiday Inn Express, the police department’s body camera policy and a proposed Campbelltown Park Pavilion at a public meeting on Tuesday March 8 .

Holiday Inn Express Land Development Plans

An updated version of the land development plans for the proposed 15,000 square foot Holiday Inn Express perimeter at 2951 Horseshoe Pike was presented to council.

The proposed building will feature 80 rooms, 98 parking spaces, four ADA spaces and four oversized parking spaces.

Due to concerns from neighboring residents regarding sound and lighting from the oversized parking spaces, a six-foot landscaping berm was added to the plan. A sidewalk, as previously requested by council, was also added.

Three derogations were requested and all approved unanimously.

The first concerned the control of stormwater runoff. While most of the site should meet the township’s benchmarks, draining into an infiltration basin towards the center of the property, some runoff will not be retained, including areas of greenery and the sidewalk area.

“The area around the basin is an existing wooded area, which drains into the adjacent Hersheypark property to the east and then into the creek, so there’s really no impact,” noted engineer Jim Caldwell. “As long as the sidewalk area is in the pre-developed state, so the rate isn’t going up, it’s just not going down for apparently a small drainage area, that’s probably not a big deal. “

Caldwell noted that the board requires written backup and documentation of waivers, which have not yet been received. This waiver has been approved provided that such documentation is provided.

The second derogation concerned traffic analysis. Holiday Inn Express conducted a traffic analysis, which was approved by PennDot, demonstrating that Horseshoe Pike has sufficient right of way. The third derogation concerned a traffic impact study.

PennDOT reviewed proposed and existing traffic and determined the project would have minimal impact, Caldwell said. “We usually rely on PennDot for this; it’s their highway, they control access to the roadway.

The overall development agreement was unanimously approved subject to compliance with the review letter.

According to county land records, the 5.72-acre property — currently the site of America’s Best Value Inn Palmyra-Hershey — did not change hands as part of the redevelopment effort and remains owned by Leena Hospitality Inc.

Body Camera Policy

South Londonderry Township Police Body Camera Policy has been unanimously approved by the Board.

According to state funding guidelines, local police departments must have body camera policies that follow state policy recommendations. The Board has confirmed that the approved policy meets these requirements.

Police Chief William Reigle noted that the policy will not be made public, although it can be obtained via a right to know request, after a member of the public asked to see the policy.

Plan of the Campbelltown Park Pavilion

Council unanimously approved Pine Creek’s cost estimate of $33,838 for a pavilion for Campbelltown Community Park.

The cost will be fully covered by both two grants from Marcellus Shale in the amount of $14,500 and money raised by the Campbelltown Community Alliance for the project over the past year.

A contract will be drawn up with Pine Creek for the construction of the pavilion, which must then be approved by council prior to construction.

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other business

In other cases counsel:

  • Unanimously approved the replacement of a boom mower totaling $26,671.
  • Unanimously approved the replacement of an Exmark zero turn mower for a total of $6,765.80.
  • Police department dash camera upgrades unanimously approved for a total of $28,885.
  • Unanimously approved a request for the race of blood, sweat and tears, now in the Mount Gretna area. The race benefits the Emily Whitehead Foundation.
  • Filed a request for Nikos Phelps’ Got the Nerve triathlon until next month’s meeting due to Reigle’s concerns about traffic patterns. The application offers the closure of Timber Road.
  • Unanimously approved a letter of support for the Mount Gretna Outdoor Show.
  • Unanimously approved the resignation of Gerry Cassel from the Historical Commission. President Faith Bucks noted that there are now three vacancies for the Historical Commission that are currently accepting Letters of Intent.

South Londonderry Township Supervisors meet at 27 W. Market St. on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. The next meeting will be on April 12. These meetings are open to the public and do not require registration.

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