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BENGALURU: Sharath Kamal is not disturbed by a waiver that athletes must sign to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, which has led to a storm of protests across the world.
“We will be well taken care of in Japan. I do not see a problem to participate in this country. If the host city had been Rio instead of Tokyo, I would have had my reservations and I could have withdrawn”, the seasoned paddler says YOU.
The waiver requires athletes to recognize the risks associated with Covid-19 at the Olympics. Risks include impact on athletes’ participation, performance, serious bodily injury or even death, potential exposure to health risks such as transmission of the virus, the waiver says.
“We have signed similar consent forms in national camps around the country. I don’t think it’s any different. We have all been vaccinated against the infection. We also heard about the measures in place in Tokyo to make our stay and our participation… sure. I don’t think that’s a concern, ”he said.
Sharath said his confidence came from the Games being held in Japan. “We know how organized the Japanese are. I can’t say the same about Rio. It was chaotic four years ago. We didn’t want to stay another day after our participation ended. “, did he declare.
Sharath also stressed the need to approach the Olympics with a positive frame of mind.
“For many months now, we have only heard about Covid and the death and destruction it has caused. In this scenario, the Olympics become for us an important occasion to celebrate. It is not just about of our victory or defeat in Tokyo. Participation will cheer us up, spread joy among the people. We badly need this diversion to stay away from all the discouragement that Covid-19 has led to. ”

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