School district sends COVID-19 waiver home for parents to sign


TUCSON (KVOA) – With school starting for a number of students in some school districts in southern Arizona, one district has sent parents a COVID-19 waiver.

The Flowing Wells Unified School District sent this letter home, stating that if parents sign it, they take responsibility and all the risks associated with the virus when they send their children to school amid the recent surge in cases of COVID-19.

The move left parents wondering what would happen if they didn’t sign it.

A parent reached out to News 4 Tucson saying he didn’t think it was fair for parents to have to sign the waiver.

So, we dug a little deeper. It turns out they don’t have to.

The Flowing Wells School District sent the letter home to parents saying the district cannot be sued if students contract COVID-19 while in school. The waiver also indicates that the physical presence of the students inside the building is voluntary.

The waiver goes on to say that the schools and the district will not be liable for damages resulting from students infected with the virus.

A viewer contacted News 4 Tucson to ask if the parents should sign this waiver. The answer is no’. A parental signature is not required.

In a statement, Flowing Wells Schools Superintendent Kevin Stoltzfus said:

Flowing Wells asked parents to submit a waiver stating that they understand the risks associated with COVID-19 and schools, that they will adhere to health protocols, and that they will not sue the district for covid damage -19. However, parents may choose not to sign / return this waiver without any consequence to them or their children. Their fulfillment of the waiver would help bypass the gap in COVID liability coverage by the provider. district insurance. ”

Flowing Wells joins the TUSD and AMPI school districts.

The first day of school for all three districts begins on Thursday.

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