Saint-Martin will waive tests for all vaccinated travelers

St Maarten is updating its travel protocols on March 1, the Caribbean Journal has learned.

The centerpiece of the update will see the removal of testing for all fully vaccinated travellers.

St Maarten will also waive pre-testing for anyone who has recovered from Covid within the past nine months.

Unvaccinated travelers, however, must still provide a PCR test performed within 48 hours of arrival or an antigen test performed within 24 hours of arrival.

All travelers will still need to complete a health pre-authorization form within 72 hours of arrival (you can find the form here).

The destination said it also plans to begin a “gradual transition” from pandemic protocols to “endemic” strategies.

The resort of Oyster Bay.

“This is not a hasty decision or one to be confused with complacency about the situation. As we take steps towards normalcy, we will do so in a safe and responsible manner. Case numbers remain low , our protocols have made St Maarten one of the safest places to visit today,” said Omar Ottley, Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor. “Declaring COVID-19 as endemic on our island is essential, and we will work for months to come to develop pioneering policies that prioritize everyone’s health and simultaneously enable easy yet safe travel to and within St. Maarten. that the introduction of these new protocols will help us smoothly return to normalcy and maintenance while welcoming increasing numbers of valued visitors to our friendly island.

vaccinated travelers from saint martin
St Martin’s beloved beach hotel, the Grand Case Beach Club.

Saint-Martin said it received almost 30,000 visitors in January 2022, an increase of almost 39% compared to the same period in 2019, before the start of the pandemic.

“We remain more united than ever in our efforts to further reposition Saint-Martin as a leading destination and to restore our tourism prestige by adapting our processes to meet consumer expectations and provide an easy travel experience on our well-established island. -loved,” said Roger Lawrence. , Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications of Saint-Martin. “As we transition to normal, we will continue to promote safety measures to ensure a safe and fun environment for our residents and visitors throughout the transition period.”

To learn more, visit Saint-Martin.

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