Priyanka launches UP poll campaign with loan forgiveness promise: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

New Delhi, October 23

Uttar Pradesh Congress Secretary-General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday announced the party’s “Pratigya yatra” from Barabanki, announcing seven pledges to the electorate.

Promises unveiled

  • Purchase of wheat and paddy at 2,500 rupees per quintal
  • Minimum support price of Rs400 per quintal for the cane
  • Halve everyone’s electricity bills
  • During Covid, small traders were the most affected, so they will forgo their pending electricity bills
  • Rs25,000 to each family affected by Covid
  • Guaranteed 20 lakh government jobs

UP: CEC Congress held

The Congressional Central Election Commission chaired by party leader Sonia Gandhi stood in a virtual model on Saturday to discuss candidates for the 2022 UP election. This was the first CEC meeting for UP.

In addition to the previously stated pledge to reserve 40 percent of the seats for women in the distribution of tickets for the 2022 election and free smartphones and scooters to Class X passes and graduates, respectively, Priyanka made news announcements today, including a complete waiver of outstanding farm loans.

Congress also promised purchases of wheat and paddy at Rs 2,500 per quintal and a minimum support price of Rs 400 per quintal for sugar cane.

Besides halving people’s electricity bills and waiving electricity bills during the duration of Covid, a pledge of Rs 25,000 to every family affected by Covid and a guarantee of 20 lakh government jobs are also part of the seven promises Priyanka unveiled today.

She launched Barabanki’s “Pratigya yatra” party with a slogan “We will keep our promises”.

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