Miami Dolphins Diary: Brissett faces off against a former team, Waiver Watch, Practice Squad Move, etc.


Miami Dolphins quarterback Jacoby Brissett faces his former team on Sunday, but that’s apparently not a big deal for him.

The way he sees it, it’s a story that’s just plain exaggerated.

“Yeah, and that’s more than it is,” Brissett said after practice Wednesday. “I’m not here for a revenge game or anything like that. I want to win just because I play football and play in the National Football League. We need a win, so it is the goal of this match.

Brissett has spent the last four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts after arriving in a trade with the New England Patriots and started 30 games (in 2017 and 2019) after Andrew Luck was injured and then retired.

Brissett was asked if he now feels a different player than he does with the Colts.

“Of course,” he said. “I think I’m a better player, a better teammate, a better man since my time there. Yes, I think I’m better.


Offensive tackle Adam Pankey has been taken off the training squad’s injury list and is now back on the practice squad.

The team had an opening after Reid Sinnett was signed to the active roster on Saturday when quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was placed on the injured roster.

As a reminder, here’s the full Dolphins training squad, starting with the two players protected from poaching this week: defensive end Jabaal Sheard and linebacker Calvin Munson.

The others are CB Javaris Davis, RB Gerrid Doaks, LB Milo Eifler, WR Isaiah Ford, LB Shaquem Griffin, T Roderick Johnson, DT Benito Jones, RB Patrick Laird, WR Kirk Merritt, CB Jamal Perry, WR Brandon Powell, G Durval Queiroz Neto, T Kion Smith and C Cameron Tom.

The Dolphins have 17 players on the practice squad due to their exemption for Queiroz, who arrived in Miami in 2019 through the International Player Pathway program.


That may or may not come into play at any time this season, but week four of the NFL season always brings a big change when it comes to the waiver thread.

With three weeks on the books, the order of precedence shifts from the 2021 draft order (before trades) and now involves ranking, with the worst teams having the best dibs.

The tiebreaker is the same one involved in the draft order, which is the strength of the opponent’s schedule – with the worst SOS first and so on.

Based on the current standings, the Dolphins are currently 13th in the order of waivers and eighth among 11 teams with a 1-2 record, as their current schedule is 0.667 based on the 6-. 3 combined from the Patriots, Bills and Raiders. save.


Safety Eric Rowe will face former Philadelphia Eagles teammate Carson Wentz on Sunday, though the two have never played a regular season together.

Let’s explain ourselves.

Rowe was entering his second season in the NFL in 2016 when the Eagles drafted Wentz with the second overall pick.

But days before the regular season began, the Eagles traded Rowe to the New England Patriots for a draft pick.

Obviously he’s light years away from this (season), ”Rowe said. “I remember when I first got there, he was just throwing deep bombs from the first practice, and he had an arm. I was like, ‘Damn who is this guy?’ That was five, six years ago now. Obviously he’s doing a lot better now.


Tight end Mike Gesicki had 10 catches against the Raiders on Sunday, and two of them were shovel assists.

Both games were in third and third situations, one in the second quarter and one in overtime. The first completion gained 4 yards and got the first down; the runner-up only gained one yard and preceded Jason Sanders’ 50-yard basket, although the Raiders returned to shoot their own.

Gesicki said Thursday it was the first time he received a shovel pass since a 2018 game against the Detroit Lions in Adam Gase’s final season as head coach of the Dolphins. This play came on a first and a goal from the 4 yard line and lost 1 yard.

It was part of a busy day for Gesicki, whose goals have doubled in each of the last two games, going from three against New England in Game 1 to six against Buffalo in Week 2 to 12 against the Raiders.

So that should be 24 against the Colts, right? Obviously not, but it’s clear that Gesicki has resurfaced as an important part of the passing game.

“My thing is to make the most of my opportunities,” said Gesicki. “When an opportunity presents itself, I have to go out and do a play. That’s what I’m here to do.”

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