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Nagpur resident doctors at all state government medical schools are holding a protest demanding full tuition waiver (shaikshanik shulk). According to these doctors, they had been admitted to various post-graduate medical (MD / MS) courses, but the academic sessions did not take place as they and their teachers were busy rendering Covid-19 services.
It is interesting to note that the doctors do not receive a call to strike or vocal protests. They stand in front of their respective institutes, peacefully showing signs demanding waivers of fees during their free time.
“We are not against the Covid service, but we are suffering academic loss because of it. The general demand from medical residents to waive their tuition fees is very fair under such conditions, ”said Dr Dnyaneshwar Dhobale, chairman of the central committee of the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD).
During the 2020-21 academic session, medical residents are required to pay Rs 94,400 as tuition fees per year during their three-year residency. Apart from that, they pay admission fees, development fees, hosting fees, etc. Residents have already submitted a brief of their demands to the Director of Medical Education and Research (DMER) and plan to meet with Minister of Medical Education Amit Deshmukh soon.
The resident doctors are Covid warriors who worked on the front lines during the two waves in Maharashtra. They are considered the backbone of government medical schools. They have been raising the issue of school losses for a year now. For physicians, the practical experience they gain during the residency years is extremely important and an integral part of their training.
They had also demanded the online review and relaxation of thesis submission. But the state government decided to conduct their review after August 16 in offline format. No relaxation has been given in the thesis so far. Now, they have raised the demand for full tuition waivers as compensation for their academic loss.
There are over 4,500 resident physicians in medical schools in Maharashtra. The Vidarbha region has 850 and Nagpur alone is home to 350 residents at two government medical colleges. There is unrest in every GMC in Vidarbha. Similar unrest is also occurring in states like Karnataka.
Mayo residents threaten to go on mass leave from today
Resident doctors at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMCH) threatened to go on mass leave from 9 a.m. on June 1. Their request is to free resident doctors from Covid work and let them focus on their respective specialties. “The Covid situation in the district is now under control and we are demanding the full handover of the surgical complex for non-Covid work. This assurance was given earlier by the district collector, ”said Rajat Agrawal, President of MARD, IGGMCH. Doctors said they wrote three reminder letters to the dean as well as the district administration, but received no response.


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