March 7, 2022 Letters to the Editor: Medicaid Home Waivers | Letters

State legislators must properly fund the Medicaid Personal Care Waiver Program, as administered by the Department of Medical Assistance Services. This program allows thousands of Virginians at risk of expensive nursing home care to stay at home receiving services at a fraction of the cost.

Caregivers provide assistance to people in their homes, reducing trips to emergency departments and more costly hospitalizations. Without proper Commonwealth funding, the scheme will struggle, leading to more people being placed in expensive care homes.

Appropriate funding would allow agencies to retain, recruit and compete with other companies seeking workers. We face an ever-increasing demand for services and a rapidly shrinking workforce to meet demand.

Agency personal care providers have continued to serve their patients, even in the face of COVID-19, rising operating costs, soaring inflation, insurance costs, the cost personal protective equipment and two minimum wage increases without adequate refunds.

Medicaid recipients, who are often elderly, will lack care until an expensive nursing home bed becomes available or a family member is forced to quit their job to provide care. Legislators have the ability to provide the necessary funding for Virginia’s older population to age in place.

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