Manuel Margot worth adding from Red-Hot Rays (week 9)


2021 saw many of baseball’s top hitters miss time with injuries. Unfortunately, the most recent seems to be Trevor Story. He left the Rockies’ second game against the Mets with strained arms. It wasn’t advertised as forearm strain, but I never like to hear a player injure their arm. The story had struck well in recent weeks after a slow start.

The good news comes from the West Coast, where Cody Bellinger could return to action as early as this weekend as he continues his rehabilitation mission. The Dodgers’ charged offense is set to improve as the team continues to recover.

Pick them up

Manuel Margot – DE, Tampa Bay Rays

Yahoo: 28%, ESPN: 48%

Margot has consecutive weeks with more than four RBIs and at least one stolen base. He also has hits in 10 of his last 11 games for the soaring Rays. His walk and strikeout rates have plummeted in each of the past two seasons, which is good and bad because he hasn’t walked much to be with it. If he keeps hitting in the middle of the Tampa roster, he’s worth adding.

Adam Frazier – 2B / OF, Pirates of Pittsburgh

Yahoo: 66%, ESPN: 92%

ESPN players get it with Frazier. He is a roster reserve due to his eligibility for a position and his inflated batting average. He has a BABIP of .368 and his average will go down, but your roster can never have enough players hitting the average. There is only a two percent difference between its walk and withdrawal rates. To arrive at the base is to arrive at the base.

Tyler O’Neill – DE, Cardinals of Saint-Louis

Yahoo: 27%, ESPN: 19%

O’Neill will easily set career highs in all offensive stats now that he’s seeing regular playing time for the first time in four seasons. He came back from the 10-day IL with a massive home run and will be hard to pull out of the Cardinals roster due to his above-average defense. It’s an easy addition if your team needs a power boost.

Brad Miller – 1B / 2B / 3B / OF, Philadelphia Phillies

Yahoo: 33%, ESPN: 11%

Miller’s return to Philadelphia has been successful, to say the least. This success will not be sustained (.407 BABIP), but I believe it stays in line for at least 4-6 weeks. Miller had a higher OPS during his time at the 2019 Phillies than he does now, so even with an expected drop he enjoys playing and hitting in Philadelphia.

Worth the detour

Andrew Benintendi – DE, Kansas City Royals

Yahoo: 64%, ESPN: 78%

I’ve rarely registered the 26-year-old, but even though the production is patchy, it’s difficult to convey his average and 2: 1 KK / B ratio. The Royals as a team have a recent history of being. contact-based offense, and Benintendi fits in perfectly.

Jurickson Profar – 2B / OF, San Diego Padres

Yahoo: 34%, ESPN: 40%

His batting average is on the rise, as is his stolen base total. Profar has as many walks as strikeouts in the past two weeks (five) and has scored 11 points. The Padres’ offense has found its rhythm.

Jose Iglesias – SS, Los Angeles Angels

Yahoo: 5%, ESPN: 9%

His recent RBI streak is fine and good, but I want him because he’s hitting in the middle of the Angels roster. I don’t know how productive Iglesias will be without Mike Trout ahead of him for the next month and he’s day to day because of a tight tendon. Watch his status this weekend and add it once he’s back in the lineup.

Short term solutions

Max Kepler – DE, Minnesota Twins

Yahoo: 55%, ESPN: 75%

Over half of Max Kepler’s hits have gone for additional bases and he has an inviting upcoming schedule. Kansas City and Baltimore are on the line as May moves on to June. Kepler is a regular and career best home hitter (108 wRC +).

Kyle Schwarber – OF, Washington Nationals

Yahoo: 64%, ESPN: 76%

It was listed because of the value of its name, but Schwarber saw a marked increase in horsepower and production in May. His slugings and OPS are still at or near career low, but the positive month is worth the detour.

Pavin Smith – 1B / OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

Yahoo: 15%, ESPN: 30%

Two consecutive weeks with several RBIs, but in two games. Smith has a seven-game streak that includes his first home run since May 2. He also has three consecutive multi-hit games for Arizona.

I am skeptical

Justin Upton – DE, Los Angeles Angels

Yahoo: 12%, ESPN: 19%

The longtime left fielder has six lone homers hitting the meat of the Angels roster. That’s a problem when adding a power source that also has 53 strikeouts on the season. His .432 slugging is the highest since 2018, but still the third lowest of his career.

Michael A. Taylor – DE, Kansas City Royals

Yahoo: 9%, ESPN: 19%

He put together his best week in a month, which saw him tie his 2020 home run and RBI totals in another 50 bats. Taylor inadvertently traded 50 points from his 2020 slug and added it to his 2021 batting average. His OPS increased 0.001 year over year.

Enrique Hernández – 2B / SS / OF, Boston Red Sox

Yahoo: 34%, ESPN: 38%

The Old Dodger is the definition of vanilla and is energized upon leaving for Boston. Having a 6: 1 K / BB ratio at the top of the range for one of the best offenses of the season. In his defense, he hasn’t had an eight-at-bat elsewhere in the Red Sox roster.

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