Loan forgiveness cannot be called a gift: Singh Deo

Citing that the loan waiver promise in the election manifesto was a factor in the landslide victory in the 2018 parliamentary elections, Chhattisgarh Minister TS Singh Deo said on Sunday that it should be called a giveaway.

He was speaking on the final day of a two-day All India Professionals Congress (AIPC) fifth national conclave here on Sunday.

The AIPC, a wing of Congress, was established as a political taxpayers’ group in 2017.

Singh Deo said, “When we waive a debt-ridden farmer’s loan, we bring happiness to his whole family.

This increases its purchasing power, stimulating the whole economy. The state has performed well even under the worst pandemic conditions, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, policy researcher Yamini Aiyar said, “Covid has taught our country that our rural economy is the sponge that can and does absorb external pressures. We need to take our rural economy much more seriously than we already do. »

AIPC National President and MP Shashi Tharoor, Chhattisgarh Ministers Mohammad Akbar and Kawasi Lakhma and MP Captain Uttam Reddy were the main speakers on Sunday.

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