Liability Waivers for US Sports Venue Operators: Takeaways from Quezada V. Game Truck Georgia


Friday 06 August 2021 By Benjamin Kaplan

Disclaimers are a ubiquitous feature of American sport, given the relatively contentious nature of the American civil justice system.[1] The liability of sports venues is a critical issue, especially as these venues are reopening as the severity of the pandemic eases in parts of the world. A recent case of Salvador Reyes Quezada v Game Truck Georgia, LLC (Quezada) is a useful reminder of the potential liability of sports venues and companies for injuries sustained by participants.

This case is a good reminder of the scope and legality of disclaimers, the potential liability of other non-parties, and the quantum (amount) of damages. The case also deals with interesting aspects of American civil procedure, particularly for non-American readers, the fact that civil trials are decided by jury. The legal instructions given to the jury on “risk taking” played an important role in the case.

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Benjamin Kaplan

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