Kwara poly students protest and demand waiver for postponement

Students at the Federal Polytechnic in Offa, Kwara State have called on the school management to drop their deferrals.

On Tuesday, students closed the school gate and smashed the windshield of a senior officer’s car parked on the premises and threw water bags at school officials who tried to talk to them .

The source said: ‘They smashed the rear windshield of one of the senior officers’ official car and put up signs reading: ‘A deferral must be waved’, ‘We are broke, we don’t have no tuition fees”, among others. ”

City & Crime figured out that earlier, students at the main campus hostels peacefully protested the poor condition of the hostels, but the postponed students hijacked the protest and turned it violent.

Speaking on the matter, the polytechnic’s spokesperson, Mr. Iroye Olayinka, said that the decision not to cancel a postponement this year was taken by the academic council and that “the school has declared that she would not reverse her decision on this matter.

“What happened is that initially the school used to wave the deferrals but for obvious reasons they decided not to do that this year because it looks like it make the students lazy.

“That’s what they were demonstrating against, and those who didn’t pay their school fees took the opportunity to join the protest.

“But everything was resolved after Offa’s Olofa intervened, but the school said they would not reverse their decision on the matter.”

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