Karnataka government grants SGST waiver for ‘777 Charlie’

Basavaraj Bommai administration granted tax exemption for Kannada film on Saturday 777 Charlie.

According to an order issued by the Ministry of Finance, the film will be exempt from the State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) for six months starting on Sunday, June 19.

“Exhibitors should not levy and collect SGST on cinema tickets. Cinema tickets will be sold on the basis of new tariffs that do not include SGST,” the order states.

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Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai made the decision based on a June 14 petition by 777 Charlie star Rakshit Shetty, who claimed a 100% tax exemption on his film. Shetty had made the case for it, saying the film raises awareness of the “harmful effects of inbreeding in dogs, highlights the nuances of animal violence, and champions the cause of stray dog ​​adoption.”

Bommai watched the movie earlier this week and it moved him to tears. He said the film reminded him of his pet dog Sunny, who died in July 2021 just weeks before becoming chief minister. Photos and videos of a teary-eyed Bommai during Sunny’s last rites then went viral. Bommai now has a dog named Tia.

In addition, Bommai announced that his government will launch a special program for the adoption and care of stray dogs.

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