JaCoby Stevens is the only conscript to be waived


When a team has drafted nine players, it will be difficult to find a place for each of them on the list of 53 players.

Is this a sad reality? Sure. You never want to make a player’s dream come true, have them move all of their stuff to a new city, then reward them with a one-way ticket to the waivers thread, but unfortunately it happens every season, and for some teams this happens several times a year; just ask the Tennessee Titans, who gave up three of their draft picks this season.

Historically speaking, the Philadelphia Eagles have been good enough to keep their local draft picks on the active roster for their rookie season, averaging about one player released per season since Howie Roseman returned to power in 2016, but for the Most of the team kept said players on the practice squad and raised them on the active roster when the opportunity presented itself.

Welp, let’s hope it happens again in 2021, as the Philadelphia Eagles just submitted another of their draft picks to the waiver wire in former sixth-round pick JaCoby Stevens.

Fingers crossed, the Philadelphia Eagles can recruit Stevens to their practice squad.

JaCoby Stevens’ first summer in South Philly hasn’t been particularly good for more than one reason.

Despite playing it safe at LSU, Stevens was drafted for the express purpose of linebacking, joining a Philadelphia Eagles linebacker corps absolutely filled with seasoned veterans and promising young prospects.

Had Stevens been allowed to fully test his mettle against Shaun Bradley, Patrick Johnson, and Davion Taylor, he might have turned out to be a better cover specialist than another former college security the Eagles employed from 2017-2020. but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be. Stevens suffered a hamstring injury deemed week-to-week in early August, which deprived him of valuable training reps and a DNP for the first two preseason games of the ‘summer.

While Stevens finally made his preseason debut against the New York Jets in the final game of the summer, his 34 shots were pretty forgettable and clearly didn’t generate enough hype to secure him a spot on the initial roster of 53 players.

If Stevens had stayed in his college job things might have been different, but with seven players already stranded on the Eagles’ depths board, there simply wasn’t room for another prospect to this post, especially one that would literally never be active on game days.

Assuming Stevens goes on waivers, he will surely stay in South Philly with the Eagles this fall, where he can continue to learn the ins and outs of linebacker play while staying out of the active roster.

Worst case scenario, he’s claimed by another team and continues his career elsewhere under his four-year, $ 3.6 million contract; Either way, Stevens’ career in the NFL is far from over.

With no true coverage specialist in the linebacker corps, the Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to draft JaCoby Stevens and send him inside the weak-side linebacker made sense. Cover linebackers are worth their weight in gold in today’s NFL, and to land one in the sixth round would be incredible value. While Stevens may not be that player right now and could eventually find himself claimed by another team over the next few days, if he goes through the waivers with his fingers closed he stays in the game a bit longer. city ​​of brotherly love, as it comes from scratching the surface of its potential linebacker.

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