Is Logan Gilbert a must-have?


Last name Position Team ESPN Clean%
Logan gilbert SP Seattle sailors 44
Tony Gonsolin SP Los Angeles Dodgers 50.6
Shane mcclanahan SP Tampa Bay Rays 23.1
Jake odorizzi SP Houston Astros 47.4
Kwang hyun kim SP Cardinals of Saint-Louis 24.4

1. Logan Gilbert | SP | Seattle sailors

We all remember the general hype around Logan Gilbert when we first heard he was called out. Well, his big league debut didn’t get off to a good start and the fantastic community has calmed down a bit. I’m here to tell you that we should probably be excited again. He’s made 10 starts now and is 3-2 with a 3.51 ERA, 0.966 WHIP, 53 strikeouts and 10 walks in 48.2 innings pitched. He’s only gotten better so far. In his first three starts, he allowed four earned runs, three earned runs and two earned runs in four innings, 2.2 innings and four innings respectively. Not great. Since? He’s 3-0 with a 2.37 ERA and a strikeout / steps ratio of 42-8 in 38 innings pitched. He’s set to pitch this weekend against the Angels, followed by a mix of clashes that will likely include Oakland, Texas on a few occasions, and the Yankees or Rays. At this point he’s been good enough to register regardless of his clashes.

2. Tony Gonsolin | SP | Los Angeles Dodgers

All the real Gonsolin guys are really testing their patience with this one. Since his debut in 2021, Gonsolin has made seven appearances, including one after an opener, and has passed just 83 pitches. Just one of his starts got him past five innings of work, which he did on 73 shots. The good news is that if he stays healthy, he should start to see his leash loosen a bit with each subsequent start. In addition to Trevor Bauer remaining on the administrative leave list, Clayton Kershaw has just hit the IL. The Dodgers will need some length of their remaining starting pitchers. This is where Gonsolin should come in, as his production in recent years and his early results in 2021 indicate he can be a quality pitcher down the stretch for Los Angeles. So far, in 25.1 innings pitched in 2021, Gonsolin has a 2.13 ERA with 31 strikeouts and 15 walks. In anticipation of the Dodgers ‘schedule, Gonsolin may unfortunately need to make a start on Coors’ field to open the second half. After that, he is expected to start at home against Colorado, followed by another start against the Giants or Diamondbacks. If he can maintain his production with an increased pitch limit, you’ll be sorry for leaving him sitting on the waiver thread for so long.

3. Shane McClanahan | SP | Tampa Bay Rays

McClanahan became a staple of the waiver wires posts for most of the first half. Not staying on a list isn’t due to a lack of pedigree, as he is one of the Rays’ best prospects. It’s not for lack of raw materials either, as it ranks at the 88th percentile of the Whiff% and the 82nd percentile of the Chase Rate. His two main throws, his fastball and his slider, which he throws at the same time, are both electric. While the results weren’t always spectacular, he would likely be detained everywhere if it weren’t for the hard throw limit he has been on for much of the year. In his first eight starts, McClanahan has only hit 80 shots once. However, here’s the pitch count in his five starts since: 89, 86, 87, 71, 91. With the loss of Glasnow, the Rays needed more innings from their starting pitchers and they turned to Shane McClanahan. Overall, he has a 4.05 ERA with 71 strikeouts and 21 walks in 60 innings pitched. We love strikeouts, but walks could go downhill. Plus, his fastball is hit a bit too hard to make him untouchable. Overall, however, I still say it should be listed. While they may eventually shut it down at some point, it should see a nice little stretch here over the next month or so. While he will likely open the second half with a start against Atlanta, that should be followed by a start against Baltimore or Cleveland, followed by the Yankees and Seattle or Baltimore after that. Pick it up for this sequence of clashes and go from there.

4. Jake Odorizzi | SP | Houston Astros

Ahh, yes. Jake Odorizzi. We meet again. After its fantastic and relevant 2019 season, Odorizzi seems to have become the epitome of a great start. 2020 has been plagued with injuries, and a few bad starts and an injury early in this season has taken it off everyone’s radar. However, he is in good health now and has quietly started very well. Since returning from IL, Odorizzi has made eight starts since May 29. In those eight starts, he’s 3-2 with a 2.29 ERA, 0.182 batting average, 33 strikeouts and nine walks in 39.1 innings pitched. Sure, strikeouts and walks are by no means great, but they never were for Odo. He also casts for the Astros, which makes him much more appealing to anyone playing in leagues where win stat is factored in. It absolutely did the job and should be listed everywhere. He will start the weekend against the White Sox, but should follow up with starts against Texas and Seattle.

5. Kwang Hyun Kim | SP | Cardinals of Saint-Louis

Another pitcher who has apparently been going back and forth between the rosters and the waiver thread all season, Kwang Hyun Kim is quietly building up a very good season. He’s 4-5 with a 3.11 ERA and a 59-25 strike-at-bat in 72.1 innings pitched. I agree, the lack of strikeouts and the number of walks are a concern. In fact, that’s probably the only reason he’s not listed much more than he already is. That being said, it’s really hard to argue with the production he gave to fantasy owners. He made 15 starts and allowed up to four earned runs, which he only did twice. He’s allowed three earned runs three times, and everything else has been less than that. Most recently, Kim won three straight games, allowing just one earned run in 18 innings of work. His upcoming schedule is a bit of a mishmash, with good and bad clashes mixed in. He’s been too good not to pick up and play yet.

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