Georgia offers free tuition waiver for students 62 and over


Middle Georgia State University is one of 31 participating colleges in Georgia.

MACON, Georgia – It’s never too late to pursue your dreams of graduate school in Georgia.

Residents 62 and over are offered free tuition if they choose to return to school. Middle Georgia State University is one of 31 participating colleges in Georgia.

Middle Georgia State assistant vice president of enrollment management Melinda Robinson-Moffett said residents of Georgia aged 62 and older can take advantage of the tuition waiver.

“This tuition waiver allows them to get undergraduate or graduate courses without paying a tuition fee,” Moffett said.

“It’s similar in some ways because I really never had that campus experience of going to school and joining a sorority or even having that experience of college life. I worked. from the day I graduated from high school, ”said student Michele Barber.

A high school counselor told Barber it was not college material.

Now she has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and continued her studies in elementary education.

“I love to learn. One of the things my dad always said is that I’m a professional student,” she said.

Barber went back to school to get recertified to be a 7th grade teacher. This will be his fifth year at university.

“I’m very excited about it. This time it was more meaningful. I think the older you get and of course you appreciate the things that you didn’t take seriously when you were younger,” he said. she declared.

Barber says there’s always time to learn if you want to.

“Go back to school. Do it. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Age was an excuse.” Baber said. “‘I am too old.’ I am not too old. You are never too old, and if you are not in the ground you can still learn. If you have a heart, a passion and the desire to do something, do it Said Barber.

Students must meet all admission requirements of the Georgia university system and undergraduate or graduate institutions.

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