Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Gary Sanchez, Nick Pivetta Headline Week 7 Pickups

It’s time to hit the waiver wire! Lots of Twins are on the roster this week and keep an eye out for the Cincinnati Reds, who seem to be picking up steam.


MJ Melendez (C), KC

If you’re looking for a replacement for Salvador Perez, look no further than his replacement, rookie MJ Melendez. Melendez, the 2021 minor league home run leader, has now had back-to-back games he’s started since Perez hit the IL. He’s KC’s No. 2 prospect, and you can’t find a guy on the waiver wire with more upside at receiver.

Gary Sanchez (C), MIN

Gary Sanchez is still Gary Sanchez. He hits the ball extremely hard – his exit speed is the top 7% in the league. It also puts the barrel on the ball, with a barrel rate above 3%. You won’t get Sanchez’s average, but you already knew that. He has a better batting average than Sal Perez who just hit the IL, and that’s the catcher position after all. Sanchez is hot and cold, but he and the Twins look hot, so get on board while you can. Sanchez is hitting .348 with three home runs and eight RBIs over the past seven days.

christian walker (1B), ARI

In the last two weeks of play, Walker hit .311 with three home runs and seven RBIs. He smashes the ball with a 47.1 percent hard hit rate, 95th percentile barrel rate and expected 97th percentile slug rate for the season.

Brendan Rodgers (2B), COLL

I wrote about Rodgers earlier this week, and he deserves a mention again.

During the month of April, Rodgers hit 0.078. No, it’s not a typo. He hit under .100 with three runs scored and only one RBI.

Well, in the past two weeks, Brendan Rodgers has hit .370 with two home runs and 12 RBIs.

For the month of May, Rodgers hits 0.362. Its home stadium is Colorado — the most batter-friendly stadium in the league — and it’s now available in 40% of fantasy baseball leagues, due to managers losing patience in April.

Mike Yastrzemski (F’S

Yaz is starting to get hot. Carl’s grandson hit .389 with a home run and seven RBIs this week, and this season he has three homers and is hitting .290. He is available in 70% of the leagues, despite having an exit speed in the top 6% of the league and a batting average well above the league average of .234.

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Tyler Naquin (OF), MIN

Tyler Naquin begins to set it up. Last season, Naquin hit 19 homers and hit .270, and he was a popular waiver lead picker. It looks like it might be a good idea to catch up with Naquin. He hit .389 with two home runs and two stolen bases last week.

Luis Arraez (OF), MIN

Luis Arraez does not hit and he walks. It’s not a power play, but if you can get a guy to hit .330, find a way to get on base, and play for a winning team, you’ll see results in your points and average categories. at bat. Additionally, Arraez can also add a few more bases.

Kyle Calhoun (DE), TEX

Calhoun is getting hot, and it’s time to get the hot hand up. He’s batting .478 with four homers in just the past week. Calhoun had a 33-home run season for the Angels in 2019. He has the power to start over — or at least give you a good few weeks until he crashes again.



Nick Pivette (ES), BOS

Pivetta pitched a full game Wednesday, dismissing 27 Astros in a row after giving up a home run to leadoff hitter Jose Altuve. During his last three starts, Pivetta seems to have understood things. He struck out 20 with an ERA of 0.82 and a WHIP of 0.50 in his last 22 innings pitched. According to Pivetta, he got some help with his mechanics and timing – and so far it seems to be working. He’s a former Cy Young contestant, so there are worse shots you could take on the waiver wire.

Bailey Ober (ES), MIN

Ober returns from his groin injury this week, and his start to rehabilitation at Triple-A indicates he’s ready to pick up where he left off. Ober struck out seven over five innings with a swinging 18% strike rate in his rehab mission. Prior to the injury, Ober had a 14% strike rate in his four pitched games, which is good for the 90th percentile in the league. He has terrific control – hitters only walking 6% of the time – so don’t worry he’s not throwing the ball very hard.

Martin Perez (ES), TEX

Perez made this list two weeks ago because he had some great matchups in a two-start week, and guess what? He did well with us. He’s still less than 50% on the roster and he’s still having the best year of his career, with a 2.01 ERA on the season and a 34% smell rate on his slider.

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