Fantasy Baseball Waiver Tip: Seager Replacements



Andrew Vaughn (CHW) FAAB Offer: 10-13% – Remember earlier in the year when everyone was clamoring for Vaughn to play more and Tony La Russa was still a stubborn SOB and playing vets on the exciting young players? Well, injuries have paved the way for more playing time for Vaughn, which alone should pique your interest. This is mostly a waiver on the upside as the batting average is nothing out of the ordinary, but he’s been showing a bit more power since last week with a pair of homers and doubles.

Miguel Rojas (MIA) FAAB Offer: 6-7% – Here’s a good replacement for Corey Seager in the shallower leagues if you’re currently exploring your options. Rojas is a powerful roto / category addition in the shallower leagues, but he won’t be the only shortstop mentioned today. He came in tied for tenth in all baseball on Sunday in runs scored at 27 and despite just two home runs in the year, he has a dozen doubles and a pair of triples. So it doesn’t pull it out of the park, but it still produces energy in other ways. He hasn’t attempted a stolen base for almost a month, but remember he’s starting out and looking for additional bases. It doesn’t hit that much either, so it’s also usable in dot formats.

FAAB Offer Brandon Crawford (SF): 6-7% – If you’re looking for a replacement for Corey Seager in deeper leagues, Crawford saw his ownership increase a bit from Saturday to Sunday. He’s already surpassed his truncated 2020 season home run total and has a career-best slugging percentage .529. Do I expect this to hold up? Now. His hard hit percentage is very low and the fly ball rate is on the rise. But he also continues to score points and while I think the power is regressing to an average level, that doesn’t mean he can’t have his first 20 home season since 2015. If you need to look any further as Rojas and Crawford, another replacements for Seager include Starlin Castro (Jen Piacenti makes quite an argument for Castro on Twitter this weekend), Jorge Polanco (Shallow Leagues only), Nico Hoener and maybe Kyle Farmer.

Robbie Grossman (DET) FAAB Offer: 3-4% – Grossman is currently on a seven-game streak with seven more hits in that span. He’s sort of doing it all from first place for the Tigers. Similar to Rojas, lately he’s been hitting enough extra base shots where he hasn’t needed to steal bases. But keep in mind he’s a perfect 7v7 on stolen base attempts and he’s been scoring runs at a high level lately.

Starting throwers

FAAB Taijuan Walker (NYM) course: 7-8% – Walker might be my favorite pitcher to add this week just based on how many innings he’s eaten lately. He has three wins in his last four starts working a total of 27 innings in that span with just 20 strikeouts, but he’s minimized the damage and even in a points format he will return a decent value in the number of innings he can work. Walker is a two-start pitcher next week against the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins. The Braves, for all their firepower, haven’t hit as well aside from Ronald Acuña Jr., who recently suffered an ankle injury. Strikes aren’t as plentiful, but he’s one of the best waiver thread pitchers to grab if he gets a pair of quality starts this week.

Logan Gilbert (SEA) FAAB Offer: 5-6% – It was by no means a great start for Gilbert. But his repertoire was solid. He gets another start next week against Detroit, then he faces track and field the following week. Given the nature of Seattle’s rotation, he’s rarely going to be a two-start pitcher, but he’s a rising type of pitcher with a good game this week. Again he’s young and they’re watching his workload, but he might be able to throw deep enough to get a win if there is support for the race. His teammate Yusei Kikuchi is also worth a visit. I left it out not to mention the same Mariners pitchers to grab this week.

Adbert Alzolay (CHC) FAAB Bid: 4% – There are so many streaming options that I considered for next week. I watched Robbie Ray, and even considered Luis García. But I was not a fan of the circuits they allow. That’s not to say Alzolay isn’t immune, he’s allowed at least two earned runs in each of his six starts this year and has a 1.69 HR / 9. But Alzolay gets at least two departures in the coming week. He has 36 strikeouts and just seven marches in 32 innings of work. His ERA of 4.50 could be due to a positive migration compared to his 4.15 FIP and 3.39 xFIP. He gets two starts next week against Washington and St. Louis.

FAAB Rich Hill Auction (TB): 4% – After allowing 18 earned runs in his first 22.1 innings of work this year, Hill rebounded with zero earned runs, 17 strikeouts, six walks and six hits allowed in his last 15.2 innings of work. . Hill is currently scheduled for a single start next week, but that comes against Baltimore, and then he’s lined up for two starts the following week against Toronto and Philadelphia. And even after that, the following week, he is expected to avoid the Yankees and make a start against the Rangers. So as long as he stays healthy and can avoid the blisters he tends to develop, he’s a pretty potent addition for the next two to three weeks of the season.

Relief pitchers

Jordan Romano (TOR) FAAB Bid: 6% – We are still looking for short term emergency help and we should be looking into this enclosure. Romano works in high leverage situations. He worked the ninth inning in a nonstop situation on Saturday and came in for extended work in the eighth inning on Sunday and took the hand. He allowed for a deserved run, but if he worked on a cleaner outing he probably would have finished ninth. But he was working back to back, so I’m not inclined to blame him.

Michael Fulmer (DET) FAAB Offer: 3-4% – Since arriving at the bullpen, Fulmer has worked seven innings since May 5e with two wins, two saves, seven strikeouts and one walk. He had to reinvent himself after numerous injuries derailed his once promising career and the move to the survey pen for high leverage work has paid off so far. He’s primarily a two-length pitcher now while his fastball still carries a lot of velocity. If he starts to have more save opportunities, we’re looking for good value on waivers until the Tigers potentially sell him to a competitor. Again, it depends on this experiment going over the next couple of months, but Fulmer’s ownership could increase early in the coming week.

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