Ethanol groups want permanent E15 waivers

Ethanol groups want permanent E15 waivers

Drivers have logged 30 billion miles on E15, which biofuels company Growth Energy says is a testament to the blend’s growing popularity. President Biden has lifted E15 summer driving restrictions. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor said the president’s decision was a major victory for American drivers and the nation’s energy security.

“The EPA waiver only applies to this summer’s driving season, and without action, higher ethanol blends like E15 could disappear next year for many markets. is why Growth Energy is lobbying this administration and congressional leaders for a permanent solution. America is the largest biofuel producer in the world, and we should use all of our ability in promoting greater energy security and of a healthy climate. In fact, E15 nationwide would reduce carbon emissions by more than 17.62 million tonnes. That’s the equivalent of taking nearly four million cars off the road each year.

She says biofuel supporters can get involved in pushing for a permanent solution to outdated summer driving regulations.

“The President’s waiver bought policymakers limited time to implement a permanent solution. To make sure, we invite listeners to contact their leaders in Congress through Growth Energy’s feedback portal at action. Together, we can increase the supply of lower-cost local biofuels available to drivers and save another 30 billion miles in the rear view mirror.

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