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For the last time this season, welcome to the NL and AL pickups only column. Each week, I will review five players who have signed up for less than 15% on Yahoo! leagues and which can be seen as options to add in deep league formats, such as 15-a-side or AL or NL leagues only.

I’ll also include a recommendation on what to do with each player on your roster. And finally, I’m going to take a look at some of my picks from the previous week to see how they fare.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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8% enrolled
Recommended movement: add for this week

With the Giants facing a fair number of right-handed starters last week, La Stella was a pretty solid option to broadcast, and he was recommended here last week. He did exactly what he was supposed to do while he and the Giants were going about business last week. For La Stella, it was an impressive .318 / .400 / .636 line, while also contributing to some valuable scoring stats with two home runs hit, four RBIs and six runs scored in just 26 home goals. . It hasn’t been the most consistent season for La Stella, as their WRC + for the season still sits below 100, but it looks like it’s heating up at the right time, both for the Giants and for the fantastic teams.

The Giants are up against plenty of right-handed players again this week, and against some shambles of pitching staff, as they face Arizona and San Diego in their last two series to close out the season. La Stella was also promoted to first place when he’s there as well, so he thinks he’s right in the middle of things as the team sails into the final week of the season. The showdowns are great, he’s playing well and he’s got triple eligibility which makes him a very attractive option for fantastic ends this week.

7% enrolled
Recommended movement: add for this week

Like La Stella, Marsh was also recommended last week. It had been heating up since early August after a slow start to the season, and this trend continued last week. He hasn’t hit a lot of power at all, but his .333 / .448 / .375 slash line still translates to a 140 wRC +, and was really helpful for fantasy managers last week. He also scored a stolen base just to improve things a bit.

Marsh’s lack of power was something to note, as he only beats .367 for the season, but he remains a strong enough contributor elsewhere that he should always remain a valuable fantastic option, and this is backed up by cheering for the Statcast metrics since early September. The highlights would be its massive hard-hit rate of 54.5% to go along with a still strong barrel rate of 12.7%. For some reason, the power just didn’t come, but his Statcast metrics look encouraging and perhaps indicate a bright future for Marsh, which is good to see given his status as a top prospect. Much of the talk of Marsh will be about the value of his fantasy in 2022, but for one final week of the 2021 season and with decent clashes against Texas and Seattle, Marsh shouldn’t be ignored and could still be a positive contributor. once again this year.

3% enrolled
Recommended movement: add for this week

Hilliard was recommended earlier in the season, and here he is again in the final week of the season. It’s been an inconsistent season overall or Hilliard, with him looking like a legitimate offensive threat at times, as he did in August with a .243 / .321 / .529 slash line, or at times completely lost, as he did. did so in April with a .108 / .154 / .324 line, which ultimately earned him a demotion to minors.

Much of that profile of ups and downs and streaks has to do with his high strikeout rate, which sits at 35.5% for the season. A batter really needs to get the most out of his batting balls when he hits that hard, and Hilliard hasn’t been able to do that consistently enough, which held him back. Thankfully, it looks like Hilliard is back on one of those hot streaks, as he’s been crushing the ball to the tune of 0.295 / 0.354 / 0.545 since September 9. In that span, he’s hit three homers, led in eight, scored seven runs, while also adding a stolen base, making him one of the most productive and available players in fantasy in this streak. .

That’s obviously good, and even better by the fact that the Rockies are at home this week, and against some poor Nationals staff to start, and then the team head to Arizona to face a group of Ds. -Weak backs. With splendid games and him hitting the ball really well lately, it’s hard to ignore Hilliard for the final week of the season, as one should expect him to do reasonably well in these latter games, and could help a fantasy manager make one. last wave of the end of the season towards a championship.

3% enrolled
Recommended movement: add for this week

The Cubs and their fans would love to start the offseason as soon as possible and close the book on what has been a one-season disaster, but alas, there is still some baseball to play. While not much has gone well for the Cubs as a whole this season, Duffy has been a reasonably decent accomplishment, hitting a roughly league average wRC +, which isn’t bad for a player who has been hired on a minor league contract in the offseason.

It has also hit relatively well recently, with a strong line of .366 / .422 / .634 (180 wRC +) since September 15, and with a total of 144 wRC + for the month of September. He’s been an everyday player for the team pretty much since July, and it’s extremely unlikely that anything will change in terms of playing time in the final week of the season. While Duffy might not be the most glamorous option, his dual eligibility and general skill with the bat may make him an underrated fantasy option in the deep leagues. This dual eligibility could certainly come in handy, as Duffy could be plugged in and played in rosters when needed, due to potential late-season injuries or days off.

1% registered
Recommended movement: add for this week

McCormick has been a solid hitter throughout the season and he has definitely earned his fair share of playing time with a 106 wRC + for the year, but the Astros’ strong overall roster makes it hard to justify placing him when everything is right. the world is healthy. However, that has changed recently, as after not playing a real day-to-day role for the Astros for most of the season, McCormick has got the majority of the playing time for them in left field with Michael Brantley battling it out. with a knee injury.

McCormick has continued to perform well since being given the daily temp job on left court. As of September 13, McCormick has hit the .317 / .333 / .463 line, while doing a little bit of everything while contributing two homers, six RBIs, four runs scored and even a stolen base to stay productive. from a fantastic point of view.

While the Astros are pretty much a playoff lockdown at this point, they probably won’t take this past week lightly as they are still playing for a potential playoff standings, which could be important all over the place. line. That being said, the Astros aren’t getting any particularly interesting games this week as they face Tampa Bay and Oakland, but it does improve a bit because they play all of their games this week at home, which is rather nice Park so hitters can hit. McCormick has shown decent power this season, and he could potentially be a sneaky power option this week as he could take advantage of the hitter-friendly Minute Maid Park.

Review of last week’s picks

At the end of each week’s post, I’ll go over what happened with last week’s picks and come up with a suggestion for them in the future.

Yoshi Tsutsugo (1B / 3B / OF, PIT)

Last week: 9% registered. This week: 10% registered.

Tsutsugo has been playing well since becoming a Pirate, but struggled a bit last week, having only completed an 83 wRC +. He had solid scoring stats with a homerun and five RBIs, so it wasn’t a complete disappointment. The Pirates are getting some decent clashes this week with them against the Cubs and Reds, and his triple eligibility is a plus. It’s probably worth hanging on for the final week in case a replacement is needed for any of his three positions.

Current recommendation: Hold.

Lewin Diaz (1B, MIA)

Last week: 2% registered. This week: 2% registered.

Diaz has calmed down after what has always been a great September, but his .261 / .261 / .391 line last week hasn’t been very helpful. The Marlins will face the Mets and Phillies to end the year, and while these aren’t bad clashes, they’re not clashes worth pursuing. There are probably better hitters available to stream for the past week.

Current recommendation: Abandon.

Luis Rengifo (2B / 3B / SS / OF, LAA)

Last week: 1% registered. This week: 0% registered.

Rengifo had played well last week, and with a quadruple eligibility that made him relevant in the extremely deep leagues. He didn’t hit well last week, but as he only slashed .200 / .250 / .320, and with every major plaque appearance in the final week of the fantastic season, that’s not worth it all. you just don’t have to hang on to it, with quadruple eligibility or not. .

Current recommendation: Abandon.

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