Delhi Univ to Offer Full Fee Waiver to Students Who Lost Their Parents Due to Covid


The University of Delhi will offer full fee waivers to students who have lost one or both parents to coronavirus infection, officials said on Friday.

The university has written to its colleges to investigate and prepare a list of these students.

“The University of Delhi has written to its colleges to conduct a survey of students who have lost their parents to the coronavirus. We have requested a report on this by Monday,” Colleges Dean Balaram said. Pani, at PTI.

The fee waiver, which will be 100%, will apply to students who have lost one or both parents to the virus during the two waves of the pandemic. They won’t even have to pay an exam fee.

“At the university level, we know the staff members whose neighborhoods study here and they would benefit from a fee waiver. At the college level, the governing bodies of the colleges will have to implement it. They will have to ask for certain documents to prove it, “said an official, on condition of anonymity.

According to officials, there are three types of colleges under the jurisdiction of the University of Delhi: colleges managed by trusts; those maintained by the university; and colleges fully or partially funded by the Delhi government.

There are 28 colleges fully or partially funded by the Delhi government, of which 12 are fully funded by the city exemption.

The principal of one of the government-funded colleges in Delhi said, “We welcome the initiative. Once the decision is finalized by the university, we will present it to our governing body and have it approved. Since ours is a government funded college in Delhi and this is a financial matter, we will need to get it approved by the governing body. “

Another director of a DU college, requesting anonymity, said that when the VC says it grants a fee waiver, it can only waive the university component of the fee.

“There are two components of the fees – the college component and the university component. The college component can only be removed by the respective college while the university component is very meager,” he explained.

Some colleges at their level have already started the process.

Rajesh Giri, the director of Rajdhani College, said he identified 30 students who lost one or both parents during the second wave while the first wave did not see such a tragedy.

“Our students have also created a Google form for students and the fee waiver will also apply for those who apply for admission to the new academic session. They will need to provide a death certificate from their parents. The college had granted a fee concession of 2.010 to all of his students in the first wave, “he said.

Manoj Sinha, the director of Aryabhaytta College, said they would honor the university’s decision.

“We will play our part and it will be our social contribution. We have formed a tuition and scholarship grant committee that will identify students. We are trying to help the students. We contacted some of the NGOs that supported the students in the first wave, ”he said.

An NGO in Mumbai decided to fully fund the education of five college students after a selection, he added.

Ramjas College principal Manoj Khanna said he welcomed the decision.

“We will wait for the official notification and as it arrives we will decide accordingly,” he said.

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