Curtis Samuel and Jahan Dotson: Fantastic Prospects for Waiver Wire’s Best WRs of Week 2

Does the idea of ​​trusting Carson WentzFantasy football weapons make you gag? I can’t blame you. Still, Curtis-Samuel and Jahan Dotson are two of the hottest WRs in Week 2 Waiver Wire for a reason.

Both Washington WRs are very viable as Week 2 Fantasy Football airs in a nice game against the Detroit Lions. Moreover, their fantastic long-term prospects – especially Jahan Dotson— are quite attractive, even with Wentz.

Washington Commanders Air Pie – Really Tasty?

Before I dive into each perspective, let me try to convince you that Commanders Air Pie is actually…tasty.

Despite leading the Jaguars throughout Week 1, the Commanders threw 41 pass attempts, tied for 7th in the league. They also placed 7th with 70 games in total.

More important again, OC Scott Turner threw the ball on 70% of plays under three-pointers, 10% above the league average. Even when they were leading by 4+, Washington continued to choke in the air at a rate of 63% (+12%).

And… listen to me… Wentz looked… good. I swear. Yes, he threw a few Wentzian and goofy peaks. Yet Wentz also made a lot of “wow” throws. At worst, he’s not afraid to fly the ball and let his guns play. After Week 1, Wentz ranks 5th in passing yards (313), 2nd in passing TDs (4), and 3rd in FPs (29.7).

The Jaguars suck, of course. Still, Wentz and the Commanders have one of the friendliest start-of-season schedules. Given the QB and OC’s willingness to throw, I expect every weapon here to be relevant most weeks – including Samuel and Dotson. (*Gasp* I also think Wentz himself makes a top QB2, especially as a Week 2 Waiver Wire streamer against the lowly Lions).

Curtis Samuel 2022 and Fantasy Week 2 Prospects

If you have to rely on just one WR immediately for fantasy football, Curtis-Samuel is the best bet. Admittedly, it went from 4% held to 58% overnight. Still, it might be out there – or you might already have it.

Samuel posted a dominant target share of 26% thanks to a team high of 10 targets. He turned that into 8 receptions, 55 yards and a score. Samuel also inherited a 16% spike share with 5 carries, adding 17 on the floor for a total of 21.2 FP.

Of course, injuries rendered Samuel non-existent in 2021. Yet the year before, Samuel’s 118 touch-out opportunities (rec & rushes) only trailed Stefan Diggs. He finished that year in the Top 25 WR. Now healthy and reunited with Ron Rivera, Samuel seems sure he will be force-fed in 2022.

Whether as a runner or receiver, Samuel could once again feast against a Lions defense that was abysmal in Week 1. He is not A.J. Brown, but Samuel’s use of lay up is similar. I’m +10 ECR on Samuel, a quality WR3 in my Week 2 Fantasy Football rankings. Samuel also climbed up to 127 on my one-season Big Board.

Jahan Dotson 2022 & Week 2 Fantasy Outlook

Although Samuel offers more immediate fantastic benefits, I prefer the less possessed ones Jahan Dotson if I can afford the patience.

On only 5 targets, Dotson had 3 receptions… including two TDs. Both scores required individual talent and QB-chemistry (especially that 24-yard diving score. Sheesh. Big Boy Play.)

Sure, Dotson is a bit imposing at 5-foot-11 and slim at 180 pounds. Its measurable values ​​won’t impress anyone, even with a solid 4.43 forty (86th %ile) and a vertical of 36 inches.

Still, for what it lacks in “sizzle,” Dotson more than makes up for in “steak.”

Especially on contested throws. Upon entering the NFL, Dotson himself noted, “I approach this (ball) like a million dollars. It’s a million dollars in the air. If you want it, you go get it.

Plus, one of our favorite scouts, The Athletic’s Dan Bruger, said Dotson has “possibly the greatest catch radius of any receiver under 5-foot-11 that I’ve ever spotted.” That my-ball mentality was on full display in Dotson’s first week of action in the NFL.

He’s a ‘football player’ in every sense of the word, winning nearly every run with impressive lower-body suddenness. Additionally, Dotson carries almost anything thrown at him and was a proven “target vacuum” at Penn State; Dotson has achieved a target share of 32.5% in colleges (95th percentile).

While the targets are certainly crowded in Washington, Dotson has some real Alpha WR #1 abilities. His target share of 12% in Week 1 was disappointing, but that could quickly climb as Dotson builds on his impressive NFL debut. He was handpicked by this regime at age 16 in total, and is expected to see his role expand considerably.

Wentz has been praising Dotson all offseason: “He’s awesome,” Carson Wentz said. “He’s a quiet lad, a young lad, but he’s a hard worker. He’s smart, he’s instinctive. He picks up the football as naturally as anyone I’ve rubbed shoulders with, how he naturally pulls him in. As Week 1 showed, the enigmatic QB has no problem throwing him around Dotson-style in crucial situations.

Although Dotson may not be enough as dependable as Samuel at the start, he’s the best overall talent and the best reserve of long-term fantasy. In the short term, Dotson will continue to have splash weeks – possibly as early as this week against the pathetic Lions this week. Midway through the year, Dotson could beat even Terry McLaurin like the best guy in the commanders. He is so special.

For the Week 2 standings, Dotson slips just below Samuel at WR40. On my chart for the rest of the season, Dotson is right up at the Pick 100 – with plenty of room to go up with continued impressive outings.

TLDR: Curtis Samuel and Jahan Dotson = Top Week 2 Waiver Wire WRs

Samuel and especially Dotson are impressive playmakers. Both are fantastic options that are immediately viable in Week 2 against the Lions, especially Samuel and his role as a high-volume ‘setup target’. The Commanders’ attack is an aerial assault, and for all its flaws, Wentz can still throw enough to feed multiple mouths (a Winston-lite, if you will).

In the long run, Dotson makes the reserve the most attractive. He displayed elite traits throughout college, which immediately translated into Week 1. Dotson could be the Alpha WR1 of this offense as early as 2022, and at just 38% currently enrolled , he must be a priority on Fantasy Football Waiver Wires.

Samuel will help you win now. Dotson will bring you titles later.

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