Browns Odell Beckham Jr. to be lifted after contract restructuring


The Cleveland Browns and Odell Beckham Jr. will go their separate ways. The drama that began earlier in the week with the player’s father sharing a video on social media and LeBron James tweeting his opinion will end with the team relinquishing Beckham.

While the wide receiver has been in the league for over four seasons, once the NFL Trade Deadline is over all players are waived instead of released. Any team with sufficient space to accept the contract of a relinquished player may file a protest against that player. The team with the highest waiver priority (worst record) that filed a protest then gets the player and his contract.

The details of the contract are important to the Browns and Beckham. If claimed, the team saves space on the salary cap and doesn’t have to pay the rest of their salary, around $ 8 million, for this season. However, if he’s unclaimed, the Browns owe him all that money and he can sign with another team for even more money.

According to several reports this morning, first by Charles Robinson, the team and the player are working on renegotiating his contract to make his departure more acceptable to the team and make it more likely that he will be claimed:

The source said representatives for the Browns and Beckhams were still finalizing financial details on Thursday that would ultimately result in the Browns placing Beckham on waiver.

Beckham will end his three years at Cleveland playing 29 games and racking up 114 receptions for 1,586 yards and seven receiving touchdowns.

Once placed on waivers, Beckham cannot be claimed for Week 9, but can be claimed early next week.

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