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This weekly column takes a look at next week’s games – not this week, but next week! – to find players with great, fantastic matches who could be highly sought after waiver mics. You’ve got your head held high, so you can grab them before this weekend’s games start, beating everyone in the fist.

Initially, I was going to share some of my favorite fantasy football trading tips this week, but then realized that some league services had already passed their standard league trade deadlines!

Even so, there are about a million ESPN Fantastic Leagues, another million leagues on other services, and about a million additional leagues that have customizable trade timelines on CBS and Yahoo !, so these tips can still be done. ‘apply to them!

5 Fantasy Football Business Tips

Don’t just offer the trade blindly, offer statistics on both sides of the deal to show how this trade can help your trading partner’s team as well. Use one of the trade charts I shared last week to help them see that this is a fair deal.

Complete the list of your business partner before entering into a deal. Compliment one of his great sleeper picks and how he saw something no one else saws. Then play down your own efforts and ask him if he’s willing to trade a little depth with the running back because he’s so stacked and all.

If you have someone else’s handcuffs for their stud, use that player as a sweetener in another deal you already make with them.

Never publicly laugh at your opponent for any trade you make with them. If you do this they will remember it and never want to deal with you again. And the rest of your teammates will notice how you treated them, and they’ll also avoid trading with you.

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