Beat the Shift Podcast – Waiver Wire Episode with Vlad Sedler

The Waiver Wire episode of the Beat the Shift Podcast – a baseball podcast for fantasy baseball players.

Guest: Vlad Sedler

Strategy Section

  • When to seat cold players and when to cut them?
    • Is it different for batters and pitchers?
  • Cut injured players in non-IL slot leagues
    • Eloy Jimenez
    • How many FAAB should I spend on a wound pool?
  • FAAB
    • Go with your instincts.
    • When should you overspend on FAAB?
    • Be consistent with how the rest of the league spends FAAB dollars.
    • FAAB from a return on investment perspective.
    • FAAB pricing also depends on the pool of players available.
    • Review positional and categorical needs of other teams before setting FAAB bids.
  • FAAB General Tender Guidelines
    • Broadcast options
    • Hot players
    • Speed
    • Closings and speculative closings

Waiver Wire

Injury Guru’s Weekly Trivia

Launcher preview


  • Buy low players: Bryan Reynolds and Ketel Marte
  • What to do with the players you were high on during draft season who struggled early on?
  • Based on what happened in the first month of 2022, how might you write differently in 2023?
  • Pitchers returning from injury
  • Tony the Tiger
  • Soft ball !
  • Francois Lindor

Injury Update – Reuven gives us injury updates.

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