Asylan receives BVLOS waivers for drone-in-a-box security system

Pennsylvania-based security firm Asylan has obtained three beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) waivers from the FAA. The waivers would allow Asylan to leverage its automated security drone-in-a-box system to conduct operations on people and moving vehicles even overnight at various locations in the United States, including the client’s new facility. GXO Logistics in Clayton, Indiana.

Asylan says its DroneSentry automated security drone system is the first in its class to receive such extensive waivers from the FAA. But the company has been on the agency’s radar since 2020, when it first deployed DroneSentry at Memphis International Airport as part of the FAA’s BEYOND program.

Dan Elwell, former Acting FAA Administrator and member of the Asylon Advisory Board, points out:

There are only a few dozen companies in the world that have done what Asylon just did here. Of the few who have received these BVLOS waivers, I believe Asylon is different. The security use case is perfect, remote operations are built, the process developed with securing this latest waiver is scalable, and the number of automated flights Asylon has performed to prove the security case is incredible.

It’s worth pointing out that all of Asylon’s flight operations, from take-off to landing and battery swapping, are fully automated and managed remotely. To date, the company has completed more than 20,000 automated patrol and alarm response missions in the United States, with its systems used to deter crime and detect potential problems such as theft, fire or shooters. assets while providing real-time intelligence to security teams.

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As Brent McLaughlin, co-founder and COO of Asylon sums it up:

Asylon’s core team, founded by aerospace engineers from MIT, brings a wealth of industry experience. For this reason, we started building the data and security case from day one. Now, we’ve designed a scalable, model process that embodies our core value of quality first, safety always.

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