America Visa Online benefits its visa-exempt countries by providing a simple 3-step visa application

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization was introduced by the United States in January 2009. It provides a simple visa application process for citizens of visa-exempt countries. The online application can be completed in five minutes and the applicant does not need to visit the embassy.

The American Visa Online or US Visa Online is required by all people from foreign countries planning to visit the United States. It gives foreign citizens travel authorization to travel to the United States by sea or air. Currently, a person can apply for tourist, commercial and also medical purposes. American Visa Online offers 2-year validity, but the applicant can only stay for 90 days on each visit. They can also apply for a short-term US e-Visa for one day only if needed. Candidates can use the multiple entry option by making frequent visits when needed. They are allowed to use this functionality until the end of the validity of the visa.

US Visa for Greek Citizens

The US visa can be used by Greek citizens for visits by land, air or sea. Since Greece was an introductory member of the US Visa Online program, it may qualify for fast entry. provides all necessary facilities for US visa application. Applying for a U.S. visa online will only take about 5 minutes. The applicant must complete the application form and will need to upload the necessary document. An application fee will also be charged during the application process. The main advantage of using this facility is that the applicant does not have to waste time visiting the embassy. After the application process, they will receive the e-Visa by email and the applicant can use it according to their needs.

US Visa for Hungarian Citizens

US Visa Online for Hungarian Citizens can be used for short tourism, business or transit visit. It is mandatory for all Hungarian citizens entering the United States. To be eligible for the e-Visa, the applicant must be in good health and must not have a criminal history.

Apply for an e-Vis via is the best and safest way. Since the e-Visa is received by email, it is completely secure and will never be lost unless deleted. The website provides a complete guide for the US visa online application. All eligible countries, eligibility criteria and types of e-Visas are provided here.

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