All visa-exempt countries are eligible to obtain a Turkey e-Visa by simply filling out an online application form.

The Turkish government introduced electronic travel authorization in July 2016 for all of its visa-exempt countries. Citizens of all these countries are eligible to use the quick and easy online Turkey visa application process.

The Turkey e-Visa is a mandatory electronic travel document for all foreign citizens wishing to make short-term visits to Turkey. This is a multiple-entry visa that offers 180-day validity and can be used for tourism and business purposes.

Turkey visa application online

Turkey visa application online can be described as a three-step process through which the applicant will receive an e-Visa. The first and main step of this application process is to visit and fill in the application form with the necessary details. It will only take five minutes or less to complete this step as the details can be entered using a mobile, tablet or computer. Applicants will be required to provide necessary information and upload certain documents depending on the requirements. The main requirements for this application process are a valid passport, an email to receive the e-Visa, and a credit or debit card to pay the fees.

The next step is to receive the e-Visa email after the verifications. Normally, applicants will get their e-Visa within 24 hours, but applying for an e-Visa before 72 hours gives them more security, should anything go wrong. The last step is to take an electronic copy of the e-Visa, just for security, and enter Turkey. Those who wish to apply for Turkey visa can visit to complete the application form. The main advantages of using this online facility are the quick and easy application process and the secure e-Visa.

Turkey Visa Eligibility

Citizens of all visa-exempt countries are eligible to apply for Turkey visa online. Turkey Visa Online allows citizens of certain eligible countries to stay in Turkey for 90 days, and citizens of certain other countries to stay for 30 days. The list of eligible countries is provided at To be eligible for the Turkey visa online, applicants must be in good health and must have no criminal history. To apply for a Turkey e-Visa, foreign citizens must have a passport valid for six months after the date of departure. Foreign citizens must present proofs to show their financial conditions to visit Turkey.

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