AICTE publishes guidelines for autonomous institutions PGDM and PGCM


The Indian Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has issued an official notification regarding a Tuition Fee Waiver Program (TFW) for all of its approved autonomous PGDM / PGCM institutions.

The program will be mandatory for all autonomous institutions approved by the Council, said Thursday in a notification issued by AICTE.

As part of the program, a maximum of 5 percent “approved admission” per course must be available for admission. These seats must be supernumerary in nature (beyond approved admission). These supernumerary places will only be available for those courses at an institution where a minimum of 50 percent of “approved admissions” are occupied in the last academic year.

“In the event of punitive action (penalty), TFW seats will be calculated based on the actual approved admission (reduced admission). Likewise, the TFW seats calculated according to the above-mentioned procedure are separated from the TFW seats already reserved / assigned as part of a punitive action (if applicable) ”, indicate the AICTE guidelines.

Requirements and eligibility:

-Sons / daughters of parents whose annual income from all sources must not exceed Rs 8 Lakh.

-The waiver is limited to tuition fees as approved by the institution’s BOG for all self-funded institutions and by the government for government / government assisted institutions. All other costs, except tuition fees, must be paid by the beneficiary.

– Academic eligibility for admission remains the same as that applicable to applicants from other categories.

Admission procedure:

-Each Autonomous Institution is responsible for carrying out admission in a very transparent manner in accordance with the standards (provided in Annex 9) of the Approval Process Manual.

-In case of unavailability of students in this category, it will not be granted to any other category of candidates.

-The establishment must make a separate provision when calling for applications for admission to this category by clearly mentioning the eligibility criteria, establishing a separate merit list and proceeding with admission on the basis of the merit list thus generated.

– Each autonomous institution must upload a separate list of students admitted in this category to the AICTE web portal for compliance.

– A letter to this effect will be issued by the establishment for admission to each beneficiary student admitted under this scheme and they may not change course under any circumstances.

– Each autonomous institution should post information regarding the applicants admitted under the TFW program / category on its website for the information of students and other stakeholders.

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