2021-2022 Fantasy Basketball Waiver Thread: Who Gives You 3PM?

There are currently 16 NBA players averaging three or more at 3 points per game. (All stats predate Sunday night’s games. All figures courtesy of ESPN.com, NBA.com, and Basketball-Reference.com. Thank you!)

Steph Curry, 5.3 3PM, 40 3PT%, 99% roster (ESPN), # 1 Player Rater

Buddy Hield, 4.2 3PM, 39.4 3PT%, 88% roster, # 62 PR

Grayson Allen, 3.8 3pm, 43 3PT%, 24% registered, # 52 PR

Donovan Mitchell, 3.3 3pm, 32 3PT%, 99% registered, # 18 PR

Paul George, 3.2 3pm, 37.3 3PT%, 99% registered, # 7 PR

CJ McCollum, 3.2 3pm, 37.6 3PT%, 98% registered, # 42 PR

James Harden, 3.2 3pm, 41.4 3PT%, 99% registered, # 4 PR

D’Angelo Russell, 3.1 3pm, 36.9 3PT%, 87% registered, # 105 PR

Anthony Edwards, 3.1 3pm, 33.6 3PT%, 98% registered, # 49 PR

Karl-Anthony Towns, 3.1 15PM, 44.6 3PT%, 99% roster, # 9 PR

Duncan Robinson, 3.1 3pm, 33.3 3PT%, 16% registered, # 148 PR

Fred VanVleet, 3.1 3PM, 39.6 3PT%, 99% roster, # 16 PR

Joe Harris, 3.1 3pm, 46.5 3PT%, 45% registered, # 113 PR

Carmelo Anthony, 3.1 3pm, 47.3 3PT%, 72% registered, # 54 PR

Cole Anthony, 3.0 3pm, 38.6 3PT%, 81% registered, # 23 PR

Reggie Jackson, 3.0 3pm, 34.6 3PT%, 64% registered, # 96 PR

Only three players on this list are currently outside the top 100 in fantasy. Only three of them are enrolled in less than 60% of ESPN leagues. So anyone available on this list is at least worth watching, if not added to your list altogether. In my opinion, if ONE of these players is on your league’s waiver thread, you should get it back.

Brooklyn Joe Harris is the least available of the three bold players above, but he’s an elite outside threat in a team that made history in offensive efficiency last year. Brooklyn Joe’s scoring ratios are also down from their levels last year (he shot better than 50% from the ground last season), so we could see a positive regression. Harris plays the third-highest number of minutes on the Nets and takes the third-highest number of shots. He’s an integral part of how Brooklyn’s offensive works, which means his minutes and shots are safe. He’s currently in the top 125, but I expect him to end the season in the top 100.

Grayson Allen has been one of the best deep threats of this young NBA season. Of those players attempting eight or more than three, only Curry and Grayson Allen sink them at a rate of 40% or better. Allen’s play has been so good that he’s likely secured a big role, especially as the Bucks have faced a myriad of absences so far this season. Allen plays the third-highest number of minutes for Milwaukee, but will those minutes stick around when everyone is healthy? In my mind, he just has to: Allen’s efficiency from three (if he can sustain it) will be more important to the Bucks than Donte DiVincenzo’s contributions (when he returns), and DDV’s minutes can be capped as the Bucks reintroduce it to court. Allen definitely starts off while Khris Middleton is away. While Allen may / probably not be able to continue, he is of obvious help to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Floor spacing is a necessity in the new NBA and Grayson Allen stretches the floor like few others. He’s not just a streamer, he’s a guy you add for the long haul. If his role diminishes when the other players return, then you can yell at me. So far, his volume seems safe and he is among the top 75 players available in the majority of leagues. Add it while you can.

Photo by Chris Elise / NBAE via Getty Images

Duncan Robinson shoots 33% from the outside, BUT! It shoots better than 40% of three in the previous two seasons, and he also had a live shooting percentage of over 60 for those two seasons. Dunc’s shot is going to return (he went from 6 to 11 on three against Utah’s much-vaunted defense on Saturday), and when those shots start to drop, watch his player rating start to rise. He is one of the 150 best players even if he shoots so badly! I still think he will end the year in the top 100, like he did last season. For those who are worried that Tyler Herro will steal Dunc’s minutes or shots, let me point out that Robinson still plays the fifth most minutes per game for the Heat, and he’s still fifth in shots. Part of this is due to PJ Tucker’s starting up and doesn’t need a lot of hits, but it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Jimmy Butler is NOT a long range shooter (less than 30% 3PT%), and having another non-ish shooter on the floor at PJ Tucker, with Bam Adebayo taking NO three, means Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson (who’s always at the start) take advantage of the exterior shot volume (with Tyler Herro, of course). Robinson has been one of the depths snipers for a few seasons now, and that talent hasn’t just gone away. Add it now while you can, as the top 100 players will become increasingly scarce as the season progresses. Even now he can help you win a category (he’s in the top 10 in fantastic value at 3pm), and that will only get better.

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